WishMail 101

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  • How many emails can I schedule in advance?

              The number of emails available to schedule will depend of your membership plan.

  • How the notifications work?

      The reminders will notify you about your upcoming scheduled emails. You will received 3 notifications starting 3 days prior the delivery (1 reminder each day). Below are the notifications to received based on membership type:

    • Basic - Email
    • Standard - Email & SMS
    • Premium - Email, SMS & Phone Call
  • What email address shows as the sender when emails are delivered?

              All emails will be sent from [email protected]

  • Can I delete an email that has been already scheduled?

              Yes, members can delete, modify or create emails while still scheduled under my account section.

  • Will I get charge for receiving text alerts on mobile phone ?

              Nowadays, almost all cellphone companies in USA offer unlimited text plans. Please verify with your phone company about the current plan you are using.

  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?

              Once you login to your account, go to “My Subscriptions” , then click on "Switch Subscription" under “Subscription Totals” section. The procedure will take you to purchase the new membership. Since we charge our services Month-to-Month, Quater-to-Quater, Year-to-Year, be aware that by downgrading memberships, we will refund only the unused consecutive months.

    Note: If you upgrade your subscription, all your scheduled emails will remain on your account, otherwise will be erased.

  • How can I update my phone number ?

          Visit your account, then go to “My Addresses” and click "Edit" below the “Billing Address” section; then towards the middle of the form, update the phone field as shown above the phone box. Make sure to use the following format: +19998887777

    Don’t forget to save your information after you are done.

  • How can I change my password?

              After login, go to “Account Details” to change your password. Don’t forget to save your changes after you are done.

  • How can I cancel my membership?

              To cancel your membership, go to your account, then click the cancel button. Note: be aware that we charge by month; that means that your account will remain active until last day of current month charged.

  • How often I will receive notifications / reminders?

        Our system notify members via SMS once a day ad 10:00 AM PST (starting 3 days prior email is been delivered). Phone calls are made at 3:00 PM PST. If you ignore the email or SMS confirmation then member will receive the phone call 4 hours later. Please review your membership to see what type of notifications you will receive.

  • I'm receiving to many notifications / reminders

            If you are scheduling several emails with the same delivery date, choose to be reminded only on one of the emails. If you are scheduling emails to be delivery different dates (3 days apart from each other) you should not have that issue.